Street Art

October 9, 2022

Woman Falls Through the Sky in a Massive Photorealistic Mural

Turn at the right corner in Berlin and you may come across a stunning surrealistic painting. Artists Onur and James Bullough collaborated on a massive mural that perfectly transforms the side of a building into a portal into an immersive world. It depicts an anonymous female figure falling through the sky as her fractured arms reach out toward large violet flowers.

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April 22, 2022

Street Artist Adds Eye-Mazing Murals With Detailed Reflections of the City

A UK-based artist known as My Dog Sighs creates stunning murals that will make you look twice. For several years now, they have been adding realistic paintings of eyes onto walls across England. Each blue, green, and purple iris contains a mysterious reflection that tells a story. One of their most recent projects was completed in Plymouth, depicting a single large eye with feathery long lashes and an emerald green center.

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