Street Art

December 14, 2020

Banksy Ends 2020 With New COVID-19 Street Art of Sneezing Woman

From his tribute to healthcare heroes to spray-painting his signature rat stencils in the London Underground, Banksy has been particularly prolific during the pandemic. The elusive street artist is back again with a new COVID-19-inspired piece that gives a nod to how the virus is affecting the elderly. Titled Aachoo!!, the thought-provoking mural appears on Vale Street, one of the steepest streets in Totterdown, Bristol.

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October 11, 2020

Vibrant Street Mural Transforms a Busy Crosswalk Into a Walkable Work of Art

French artist Camille Walala seeks to “disseminate joy through color and pattern” in her art projects. Her work runs the gamut from art direction to interior design to civic art and installation. Recently, she's skewed towards street art and unveiled her latest creation: a colorful mural that transforms a busy crosswalk in London into a vibrant and playful walking path for pedestrians.

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September 19, 2020

Elegant Calligraphy Mural Greets Passersby With an Uplifting Quote From a 14th Century Poet

The age-old art of calligraphy celebrates the beauty of language, and there are incredible artists who continue its legacy today. Seb Lester is one of them; he's world-renowned for his mesmerizing lettering of words and phrases in a variety of captivating styles. Recently, he unveiled a large-scale mural in London of his fanciful script.

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August 31, 2020

This New Digital Archive Preserves Black Lives Matter Protest Art From Around the World

The year 2020 has proven itself to be full of unprecedented, world-changing events. Trying to keep up with, or attempting to recollect, all the swiftly moving parts or key civil rights movements can be daunting. But thanks to a research project from The University of St. Thomas, the opportunity to properly process some of this era’s most significant moments through artwork is now digitally available.

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