Street Art

December 16, 2023

Street Artist Captures the Spirit of Travel in Stunning Mural of a Backpack-Clad Girl

German street artist Hera has just transformed a train platform in Stavanger, Norway, into a work of art. Made in collaboration with the NuArt Festival, Hera's 328-foot-long mural will greet passengers as trains move along the tracks. The stunning piece shows a young girl wearing a backpack and holding onto the tail of a narwhal as if she's ready to be pulled along on her own journey.

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September 20, 2023

Artist Creates Massive Murals Around the World to Spread the Idea of Hope

Street art can completely change the character of a building. While some artists add pops of abstract color to concrete spaces, others like Alaniz take it a step further by creating surreal scenes. The Argentinian artist travels the world, painting massive murals inspired by human experiences. One of his most recent pieces, titled Positive Light, was completed in Stornara, Italy.

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July 23, 2023

Britain’s Oldest Cathedral Pairs with Graffiti Artist for Year Long Collaboration

Graffiti artist Ant Steel has always enjoyed using his art to bring joy to the community. And now, as an artist in residence at England's St. Albans Cathedral, he's able to interact with the public in a whole new way. Over the course of the year, Steel has been leading workshops and creating his own artwork for an exhibition inside the cathedral that will be held in November.

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June 29, 2023

13 Artists Add Their Creative Touch to the Streets of Aberdeen

For the seventh year, the NuArt Festival, which originated in Norway, has invaded the streets of Aberdeen, Scotland. This year, 13 artists from around the globe came together to create new murals and ephemeral street installations. In doing so, they added to the vast collection of art that the festival has brought to the Scottish city.

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