Street Art

June 23, 2022

Welcome Mat Is Made of Hundreds of Tiny Painted Figures

Spanish street artist Pejac is known for his clever, masterful open-air artworks that often come with a social message. His latest work, located in Aberdeen, Scotland, is a clever take on the concept of a common household item. For his latest piece, aptly titled Welcome, Pejac painted hundreds of miniature people coming together to form a welcome mat.

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March 31, 2022

Giant Mural of Local Community Leader With a Symbolic Plant Promotes Equality and Inclusivity in Brazil

Towering high over Porto Alegre, Brazil, a community leader sees her face on the side of a government building. It's a momentous occasion for Bia Gonçalves, also known as Bia da Ilha. She hails from the peripheral neighborhood of Ilha da Pintada, an area with deep Afro-Brazilian roots, and she is a well-respected figure in the community.

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February 24, 2022

Pavement Cracks Become an Opportunity for Colorful Mosaic Art

Cracks on the pavement are a common sight in cities. And while most people choose to step around them, one artist is using these gaps as an opportunity for urban beautification. French artist Ememem—sometimes known as “the pavement surgeon”—fills street fractures with dazzling mosaic art, which transforms the decay into something beautiful. From large potholes to unsightly chips on a cobblestone path—Ememem fills all shapes of crevices with colorful designs.

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