November 17, 2022

Solar Storm Causes Neon-Pink Northern Lights To Fill the Sky

In his 10 years helping travelers discover the Northern Lights, guide Markus Varik had never seen anything quite like it. In early November, the sky in Tromsø, Norway, was illuminated with vibrant pink streaks. While Varik had seen pink auroras previously, they'd never been this strong. And Varik certainly knows his auroras, as he works as an aurora guide for Greenlander, a company in Tromsø that helps visitors experience the Northern lights.

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October 8, 2022

Astrophotographer Takes 600,000 Photos To Offer an Amazingly Clear View of Jupiter

With his latest photo of Jupiter, astrophotographer Andrew McCarthy continues to prove that you can snap incredible photos of outer space right from your backyard. The image is the clearest Jupiter photo that McCarthy has ever taken. In it, we can clearly see the Gas Giant's colorful stripes and Great Red Spot. It's a remarkable image that shows just how far McCarthy has come with his astrophotography since he began taking photos in 2017.

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September 29, 2022

Amazing Photo Captures Intense Lightning Storm With Star Trails Swirling Above It

Spanish photographer Marc Sellés Llimós often climbs to the hills to beat the noise pollution of the city and take photos of the night sky. On one evening, in particular, Sellés Llimós was in for a real treat as a storm raged over the Pyrenees. By compositing together nearly 400 images, he was able to create a photo that encapsulates what he saw and even features some beautiful star trails.

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