December 4, 2022

Artist Embroiders Delicate Designs Then Offers Art to Bees To Finish the Work

Creative collaboration is essential to art. And while this usually occurs between two or more human creators, Ava Roth prefers to work with nature. The Canada-based artist hands off her embroidery designs to bees and allows them to add their own unique touches in the form of golden honeycomb. This multi-media art illustrates the creative potential of working with nature. Roth begins by hand-stitching geometric patterns onto Japanese rice paper.

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October 5, 2022

Embroidery Artist Paints With Thread to Meticulously Recreate NASA Satellite Imagery

Artist Danielle Currie of Satellite Stitches uses Earth’s grandeur as the inspiration for her embroidery art. Looking to NASA’s pictures as source material, she recreates the swirling beauty of satellite photography within wooden hoops. We’ve previously marveled at her ability to translate this imagery into a mesmerizing mixture of blues, greens, and gray threads. Her latest pieces have only grown more intricate since then.

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August 11, 2022

Artist Embroiders Delicate Designs on Dried Leaves to Stitch a Connection With Nature

Richmond-based artist Hillary Waters Fayle merges her passions for nature and textile design in her ongoing embroidery project. She stitches geometric and abstract designs onto found leaves, creating a connection between people and nature. These delicate creations shine a spotlight on materials that often go unnoticed and underappreciated. Fayle hand-stitches various motifs and patterns onto their surface, showcasing the resilience of natural fibers.

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July 2, 2022

Vivid Embroidered Landscapes Come Alive Through 3D Stitching

Stunning environments come alive in the lush embroidery of Erika Tu'avo. The Utah-based artist stitches layers of colorful thread to create compositions full of depth and mesmerizing texture. From fluffy clouds to thick fields of grass to swirling tornadoes, all of her designs are so vivid, that they appear to pop out of the hoop. Tu'avo picked up hand embroidery three years ago.

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