March 24, 2023

20 Fun Flower Hair Accessories To Celebrate Spring

There's nothing that says spring quite like flowers. And whether fresh or artificial, colorful blooms are a great way to jazz up your style. Specifically, if you are looking to add a bit of charm to your hairstyle, incorporating flowers into your hair is a great way to go. While floral hair accessories are often associated with brides, there are also plenty of casual accessories that can be worn every day.

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February 24, 2023

39 Amazing National Costumes From the Mister Global 2022 Male Beauty Pageant

Thirty-nine men from around the globe competed in the eighth edition of the Mister Global beauty competition. Held in Thailand on February 11, the contestants competed in different categories like interviews and formal wear. But perhaps the most highly anticipated category is when everyone dons their national costumes. Intended to represent each contestant's national identity, there is a lot tied up in each outfit. As always, this year's national costumes were impressive.

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February 14, 2023

People Will Soon Be Wearing Toy-Dispensing ‘Gacha Machine’ Backpacks in Japan

If you've ever visited Japan, you will likely have come across a very special type of vending machine. Called gachapon, or gacha machines, after the sound it makes when the crank is turned (gacha or gasha), they sell a variety of products. They were first introduced to Japan in 1965 by a company called Penny, and have been a hit ever since. In fact, Penny even established Gacha Day, falling annually on February 17.

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January 16, 2023

Take a Look at Some of the Creative National Costumes From the 71st Miss Universe Pageant

Every year, the contestants of the Miss Universe pageant stun the world in the National Costume Contest. In the 71st edition, hosted in New Orleans, Louisiana, 84 women took to the stage to show off their elaborate outfits honoring their countries and culture. Some of these ensembles were larger-than-life, featuring massive headdresses and accessories, while others shined in their exquisite details. Perhaps the most memorable costume of the night was Ukraine's Warrior of Light.

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