February 7, 2022

Fluid Art: How to Start Acrylic Pouring & Create Psychedelic Abstract Paintings

Whether you want to call it fluid art, liquid art, or acrylic pouring, there’s nothing more satisfying than creating abstract masterpieces by letting pigment run amok. This form of abstract art uses acrylics with a runny consistency to create psychedelic paintings. There are endless creative possibilities thanks to different ways to combine acrylic paints and there's something so satisfying about watching it spill across a surface.

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December 12, 2021

10 Easy DIY Christmas Ornament Tutorials

The holidays are here and you've likely decorated your tree. But if you haven't—or you want to add some personalized pizzazz—why not make your own ornaments? DIY Christmas ornaments are the perfect family project and can provide some wonderful keepsakes—and memories. And, if you are conscious about reuse and recycling, many projects will help you use up items around the house.

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October 18, 2021

Artist Releases DIY Crochet Pattern for a Very Realistic Bearded Dragon

You might associate crochet with handmade textile hats and tea cozies, but the age-old technique can be used to create almost anything. Russian toy maker Kseniya (of Totaksushadolls) interlocks loops of colorful yarn to make all kinds of cute and unusual critters. And for those who are looking for an unconventional crochet pattern, Kseniya's amigurumi bearded dragon project might just be the one for you.

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September 30, 2021

Learn How To Make DIY Crafts With the New ‘My Modern Met Maker’ Video Series

Calling all crafters! Those that love creative DIY projects know that making something with your own hands is so satisfying. And now that it’s getting colder outside, it’s a great time to cozy up indoors and experiment with your art materials. To help get you started with some new projects, My Modern Met is releasing its DIY craft video series, My Modern Met Maker, in celebration of Craft Week (September 30 – October 10).

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