May 1, 2018

30+ Creative Graduation Cap Ideas For the Crafty Grad

In the past, the humble graduation hat was merely part of the customary and ceremonial “cap and gown” ensemble.  Today, however, it has been transformed into a canvas for crafty graduates looking to go out with a bang. Ceremonies are made all the brighter and more entertaining thanks to the crafty grads' premeditated graduation cap ideas—which include clever, comical, and creative designs. This collection of quirky caps range in style, concept, and inspiration.

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March 22, 2018

3 Easy Steps to Brighten Your Home With a DIY Terrarium

Are you looking to brighten up your home? Terrariums are an easy—and fun—way to bring nature indoors. They’re endlessly customizable and can be made to complement a variety of decor. For years, terrariums have been the DIY of choice for many people—particularly those who aren’t ready to be full-on plant parents, because once you’ve got them assembled, they are relatively low maintenance. What is a terrarium?

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March 2, 2018

Man’s DIY Maple Tree Tapping System Collects 100 Gallons of Sap

Tapping maple trees is a tradition spanning hundreds of years. Dating back to the 17th century, early settlers in the Northeast US and Canada learned about sugar maples from the Native Americans. For a brief period of time between winter and spring, holes drilled into the tree yield the sap we’ve come to love on pancake and waffles.

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