April 28, 2020

15 Creative Ways to Hide Common Household Eyesores

Most of us put a lot of love and care into the details of our home. From the perfect paint color to the most comfortable, stylish sofa, there’s a lot we can control about the space we live in. But inevitably, there are functional eyesores that can be hard to wrap your brain around. What can you do with that ugly modem ruining your living room?

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February 13, 2020

Creative Dad 3D Prints Baby Yoda Valentines When He Learns Daughter’s School Banned Candy

It’s common for kids to celebrate Valentine’s Day by bringing treats for their entire class at school; but when Redditor miata_dad found out that his daughter’s school banned candy with their valentines, he got creative with what she could give to her classmates. Having recently gotten an Ender-3 3D printer, he summoned The Force to produce miniature iterations of The Child (better known as Baby Yoda) for each kid in her class.

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