September 18, 2017

Man Uses Blue Resin to Create Illuminated Map of Intricate Waterways Across the U.S.

An intracoastal waterway map is an unintended work of art. Its complex network of canals, rivers, and protected waters comprise a vein-like design that offers a unique way to view the United States. Inspired by this Earth art, Instructables user AlexT9 got the idea to create his own DIY map of the waterways that are illuminated with brilliant blue resin. The multi-part project combined several types of crafts.

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August 18, 2017

Designer Crafts Stunning Mars Poster By Carefully Rusting a Sheet of Metal

Designer Barry Abrams of PLY Press has taken his work to a new level with this beautiful piece of planetary wall art. Using real rust on metal, he's generated a striking image of Mars. And generously, he's even given step by step instructions on how to create your own version of the Red Planet poster. All you need is a little knowledge of screen printing and it's quite easy to replicate the metal printing.

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August 13, 2017

15+ Vintage Camper Van Remodels That Will Inspire You To Hit the Road

When it comes to seeing the world, everyone is different. Some folks want to take in the sights by train while others prefer to board a plane to experience new locales. Then, there are people who make travel not just a once (or twice) a year activity, but a cultivated lifestyle. Through mobile living, their home can be anywhere and can change whenever they like.

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August 4, 2017

Crochet Dress Blankets Magically Transform Anyone Under Them into a Princess

Everyone wants to feel like a princess, and Carol Hladik is now making it easier than ever. The expert crafter has designed a series of magical crochet blanket patterns that’ll transform you into royalty in just seconds. Shaped like elaborate ball gowns, the whimsical cloaks resemble fancy frocks worn by the likes of Cinderella and Belle. Just slip your arms into their sleeves and marvel at how regal you suddenly feel.

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