October 8, 2022

31+ Pumpkin Painting Ideas That Are Creative Alternatives To Conventional Carving

As Halloween draws near, spooky decor might be on your mind. Jack-o’-lanterns are one of the most common—and beloved—pieces of Halloween furnishings. But, let’s face it: pumpkin carving can be a challenge. From cleaning out the seeds to using sharp utensils, there are a few reasons to avoid the activity. But if you’re still wanting to decorate a gourd to beautify your porch, there’s a creative alternative: painted pumpkins.

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September 16, 2022

Man Sick of Pruning Driveway Creates Structure for Vines to Take Over and Become Enchanting Tunnel

Sometimes, it's hard to fight nature. Plants will grow wherever they want and as fast as they like—despite our best efforts otherwise. A Redditor with the username Rossionq1 realized this when it came to trimming his driveway. Surrounded by lush vegetation in coastal South Carolina, he became tired of pruning the vines around his driveway multiple times a week.

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June 21, 2022

10 Summer Crafts to Welcome Warm Weather and Boost Creativity

Warmer months are arriving and that means you can look forward to more than just some lazy beach days. Warm weather can lift your mood, and so can crafting according to scientific studies. This summer, find your arts and crafts groove with some DIY projects! Get ready to be inspired by flowers, watermelons, and beaches—quintessential symbols of summer. Will you recycle pallets or revisit the historic photographic process called cyanotypes?

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April 8, 2022

Give Your Room a Refresh With This Handy Guide To Painting Interior Walls

Of all the DIY projects you can do in your home, painting a room is one of the most accessible. Whether you’re in need of a same-color refresh or want to completely overhaul your aesthetic, interior house painting is fully within your reach. It’s a budget-friendly way to make your home feel brand new. Painting a room is easier than you think—as long as you have the right tools.

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