January 19, 2023

Pug Puppy Becomes Best Friends With a Statue That Looks Like Her

Kamerin Bazemore’s pugs were in desperate need of a change. Her oldest pooch, 14-year-old Merlin, was experiencing health problems. Her other pug, 10-year-old Willow, had started to get lonely. Their pack of pugs had started to slow down. When Bazemore adopted baby Maggie, though, their family dynamics changed for the best. “Maggie is a super special puppy,” Bazemore says. “I think my favorite thing about her is her personality. She’s pretty hilarious.

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January 3, 2023

Mom Dog Escaping the Cold Delivers Her Puppies in a Nativity Scene Manger

In some regions of the world, nativity scenes are as ubiquitous as Christmas trees during the holiday season. For example, in Mexico, it's not hard to spot displays of all sizes both in private homes and public spaces. The government of Palenque, in Southern Mexico, set up a large nativity scene on the main square. However, after a few days, locals noted an odd addition to the exhibition—a stray dog had taken over the manger.

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December 14, 2022

One-Eared Painting Dog Named Van Gogh Gets Adopted

Life was not kind to a sweet Boxer-Pit Bull mix who was found bloodied and cowering in a drainage pipe. Dog fighting had cruelly ripped off most of his left ear. In 2019, the 4-year-old arrived at a rescue in North Carolina and received the care he needed, including surgically removing what was left of his ear. The pup was then named Van Gogh.

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