March 15, 2021

Poetic Sculpture Covered in a Light Layer of Frost Looks Like a Drawing Come to Life

Frost makes grass crunchy and signals that winter is on its way. However, as Redditor shawneffel discovered, frost can also transform sculptures by adding highlights which draw out the texture of the metal. While visiting the VanDusen Botanical Gardens in Vancouver, British Columbia, shawneffel snapped an image of the park's resident romantic sculpture—Departure by American artist George Lundeen. The light layer of icy dusting on the poetic sculpture adds an illusive highlight to the piece.

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January 5, 2021

3D Model of Mind-Boggling ‘Schröder Staircase’ Wins 2020 Best Illusion of the Year Contest

Optical illusions give fascinating insight into how our brains work. Specific combinations of color, light, and patterns can trick our brains into visually perceiving something that isn’t there. Creating illusions is a popular art form, and there’s even an annual Best Illusion of The Year Contest. The competition receives thousands of mind-boggling entries from around the world each year, and the winners for 2020 were recently announced. Winning first prize, Japanese Professor of Engineering Dr.

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