February 21, 2018

This Woman’s Mind-Bending Optical Illusions Are All Made With Makeup

It’s no secret that the world is wowed by digital effects and technology that bends our view of reality. But this burgeoning field has yet to completely overshadow the optical illusions that are made by hand—and artist Dain Yoon is keeping this art alive. In 2016, she introduced the world to her mind-bending body art that will make you see double—or triple—all without the help of programs like Photoshop.

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February 7, 2018

Optical Illusion of Two “Different” Photos Are Actually Exactly the Same

  Reddit loves a good optical illusion, and the newest trick for your eyes stems from a seemingly simple photograph of a truck driving down a road. We're looking at what appears to be two images of the same road taken from different angles. But, in reality, this is actually a case of the same photograph placed side by side. Comment from discussion This is the same photo, side by side.

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