April 9, 2021

Mind-Bending Artwork Transforms From One Portrait Into Two Completely Different Paintings

Throughout art history, artists have played with optical illusions to trick the viewers' eyes with mind-bending complex compositions. Self-taught artist Sergi Cadenas takes a unique and thoroughly modern approach to this age-old tradition by creating paintings that contain dual images; they transform as you move from one side of the piece to the other.

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February 11, 2021

Artist Transforms Herself Into Mind-Bending Optical Illusions Without Any Photoshop

Like many artists, Dain Yoon enjoys working with paint. But it’s not a canvas that she puts pigment to—it's her own body. Using an extensive palette of paints and brushes, she applies the pigment to her skin and transforms herself into amazing optical illusions. Her creations go beyond fooling the eye, and they're convincing enough to make you believe that she is now what she has painted.

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