October 1, 2018

Mind-Bending Illusion Tattoos Reveal Entire Worlds Hiding Beneath the Skin

A post shared by Jesse Rix (@jesse_rix) on Jul 19, 2018 at 8:51am PDT Tattoo artist Jesse Rix creates visual magic on the body. With an expert understanding of optical illusion tattoo designs, his trompe-l’œil body art reveals otherworldly scenes hiding just beneath the skin. The crisp lines, master use of perspective, and bold colors create an incredible sense of depth that will make you momentarily think you’re gazing into another universe.

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September 13, 2018

People Can’t Figure Out If This Optical Illusion Is a Beach or a Door

Is this a door or a beach??? Hahahaha — (@rebeccareilly__) August 24, 2018 From a perplexing blue/gold dress to dots that disappear with the blink of an eye, there’s been plenty of strange optical illusions that have stumped Internet users and sparked heated debates. The latest puzzle to have gone viral is a photo posted by Twitter user Rebecca Reilly (@rebeccareilly__) which shows an abstract wash of blue and beige hues.

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August 21, 2018

Optical Illusion Goes Viral Because People Can’t Believe What They’re Looking At

A moving square appears to change in color, though the color is constant. — Akiyoshi Kitaoka (@AkiyoshiKitaoka) August 14, 2018 Take a look at the video above and you’ll probably see a square traveling left to right on the gradient, changing color as it goes. But what if you discovered the moving square actually stays the same color the whole time? That’s right, once again our eyes are deceiving us with another optical illusion.

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July 17, 2018

Artist Hand-Draws 3D Optical Illusions on Walls That Play With Depth and Perspective

Los Angeles-based artist Katy Ann Gilmore combines art and mathematics to transform ordinary, flat surfaces into incredible three-dimensional illusions. At first glance, her intricate work looks digitally rendered; however, Gilmore meticulously hand-draws each detail using pens and markers. Whether it’s a giant mural or a smaller work on paper, each line drawing appears to leap from her chosen canvas.

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