September 29, 2022

Artist Creates Mesmerizing Optical Illusions From Single Sheets of Paper

Using just a single sheet of white paper, Parth Kothekar can create mesmerizing works of art. The India-based designer has been cutting, slicing, and manipulating paper for many years, producing intricate pieces inspired by nature, architecture, and beyond. His latest series transforms plain sheets of paper into optical illusions reminiscent of Dutch master M.C. Escher‘s iconic prints.

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June 21, 2022

This Photo of Clouds in Minnesota Looks Like Crashing Ocean Waves

We've seen some incredible storm clouds, but nothing quite like this. Theresa Lucas was driving toward the town of Bemidji in Minnesota when she snapped a photo to show her daughter how far away she was. Little could she have known that her quick picture would cause a sensation. That's because she didn't just record her location, but also some incredible storm clouds that create a mind-bending illusion.

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January 3, 2022

Photographer Accidentally Captures Brilliant Optical Illusion of “Three-Headed Deer” Roaming in Forest

At first glance, photographer Renatas Jakaitis appears to have captured something straight out of science fiction. Three deer heads seemingly sprout from one body as they peer at you from the snowy surroundings. This isn't the  work of Photoshop; however, it’s all an optical illusion. The three-headed deer doesn’t exist, but it’s moments like this in photography that capture the imagination.

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