February 11, 2021

Artist Transforms Herself Into Mind-Bending Optical Illusions Without Any Photoshop

Like many artists, Dain Yoon enjoys working with paint. But it’s not a canvas that she puts pigment to—it's her own body. Using an extensive palette of paints and brushes, she applies the pigment to her skin and transforms herself into amazing optical illusions. Her creations go beyond fooling the eye, and they're convincing enough to make you believe that she is now what she has painted.

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January 27, 2020

Watch a Mathematician Effortlessly Fit a Large Circular Disk Through a Smaller Square Hole

Can a large circular disk fit through a small square hole? When you first picture it, it seems impossible. But thanks to Stanford University mathematician Tadashi Tokieda, you'll see that it is possible and easier than you might think. In an enlightening video by Numberphile, he demonstrates this illusion by using a cork coaster and a sheet of paper with a square hole cut into the middle of it.

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