September 21, 2021

Oldest Known World War II Veteran Celebrates His 112th Birthday in New Orleans

Born on September 12, 1909, New Orleans-based Lawrence Brooks is the oldest known U.S. World War II veteran. Brooks just turned 112 last week, and The National WWII Museum threw him a socially distanced, drive-by birthday party to mark the momentous occasion. The Louisiana-based museum has been organizing celebrations for Brooks ever since he turned 110. However, due to the pandemic this year, the legendary veteran enjoyed his birthday from his front porch.

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September 17, 2021

The Inspiring Story of Dr. Ellen Ochoa: The First Hispanic Woman in Space

For decades, human spaceflight has been at the forefront of exploration outside the realm of Earth’s atmosphere. Many men and women have become trailblazers on this path in history, paving the road to the final frontier for future generations. One such person is Dr. Ellen Ochoa, who became the first Hispanic woman in space when she blasted off aboard the Space Shuttle Discovery in 1993.

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September 15, 2021

Afghan Women Are Sharing Photos of Colorful Traditional Dresses in Protest of Taliban Clothing Mandate

The Taliban's return to power has ignited widespread fear that Afghan women will be forced out of the professional and educational spaces they occupied before the American withdrawal. The latest worrying order from Taliban leadership decreed that female university students be separated from men and “observe hijab according to [the Taliban's interpretation of] Sharia” law.

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September 10, 2021

French Law Bans Employers From Contacting Employees With Work During Weekends

In an increasingly work-focused culture, it can be pretty hard to disconnect and leave that stress at the office. Especially in a society that is always on and connected to our devices, the delineation between work and personal life can become pretty murky. Add a pandemic into the mix that has completely shifted how, when, and where we work, and the separation of the two becomes nearly impossible.

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