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July 29, 2019

Anchorage Allows People with Parking Tickets to Pay Fines by Donating School Supplies

Earlier this month, we were wowed by an Indiana town’s creative initiative that allowed people to pay off parking tickets with shelter cat donations. Now, another U.S. city appears to have taken their lead—but with a back-to-school twist. For a few weeks, drivers in Anchorage, Alaska can donate school supplies to compensate for outstanding fines. Until August 9, 2019, EasyPark (a branch of the Anchorage Community Development Authority responsible for the city’s parking services)

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June 5, 2019

This German Circus Uses Holograms Instead of Real Animals for a Cruelty-Free Show

Traditionally, circus animals are sadly confined in cages for most of their lives, forced to perform unnatural tricks, and undergo violent training sessions where they’re often whipped and even electrically shocked into action. It’s no surprise then that people who are aware of these cruel practices now boycott circuses and other traveling animal shows. Some countries have even banned the use of wild animals in circuses altogether, including The Netherlands, Ireland, and Mexico.

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March 23, 2019

Creative Billboards Cleverly Encourage People to Use Less Water

How do you encourage people to use less water? This was a quandary that Denver Water hired the creative agency Sukle to help solve. For over a decade, they came up with clever advertising campaigns that inspired the citizens of Mile High City to be mindful of the amount of water they use. At the start of their campaign, they had a ten-year goal of reducing water consumption by 22%.

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