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Madyson DeJausserand is a Video Editor at My Modern Met Academy and a Contributing Writer at My Modern Met. She is also an award-winning filmmaker who graduated from Oakland University with a BA in Cinema Studies with a specialization in Filmmaking. Her passions for filmmaking and art bleed into her everyday life and she devotes her time to developing her voice as a filmmaker, writer, artist, and editor.

April 29, 2023

Watch a Young Cellist Successfully Complete One of the Hardest Cello Pieces Ever

When you think of the most famous cellists of our time, cello masters like Yo-Yo Ma come to mind. But back in late January, an unexpected clip from a 2018 performance skyrocketed on Reddit’s r/toptalent that shared the prowess of Brannon Cho. The post was titled “Brannon Cho playing Prokofiev’s Sinfonia Concertante, arguably the hardest cello piece ever.

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March 25, 2023

Study Suggests That Early Retirement Can Cause Cognitive Decline

One of the many advantages of getting older is the prospect of retirement. Relaxing after years of hard work sounds well-deserved, and being able to take advantage of decades of savings sounds tranquil. But when, exactly, should you retire? The typical age ranges across the globe from the early to late 60s, and with life expectancy ranging upwards to the mid-80s worldwide, it makes sense to relish in many years of not working.

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February 26, 2023

Functionally Illiterate Man Teaches Himself To Read and Has “BookTok” Cheering Him On

Motivational speaker Oliver James was left functionally illiterate after the education system failed him. The infectiously joyful James turned to #BookTok, a supportive community on TikTok, to bolster him through his journey of learning how to read. Now with thousands of encouraging followers, he’s chipping away at his goal of 100 books and learning how to manage his mental health.

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February 19, 2023

Two Refugee Sisters Reunite With the Woman Who Changed Their Lives With $100 in 1999

On May 31, 1999, sisters Vanja Contino and Ayda Zugay were on a plane from Amsterdam to Minnesota, terrified and fleeing the civil war in the former Yugoslavia. They were only 17 and 11 at the time, respectively. Looking back, they remember the intense fear they felt, but the two also recall the kindness of a woman sitting next to them who forever changed their lives.

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