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Madyson DeJausserand is a Video Editor at My Modern Met Academy and a Contributing Writer at My Modern Met. She is also an award-winning filmmaker who graduated from Oakland University with a BA in Cinema Studies with a specialization in Filmmaking. Her passions for filmmaking and art bleed into her everyday life and she devotes her time to developing her voice as a filmmaker, writer, artist, and editor.

November 27, 2022

Eye-Opening Video Series Reveals How Fashion Has Changed Since Ancient Times

Could you imagine going your whole life without properly seeing your own reflection? Or wearing a corset every day, even while working outside in the summer? It’s sometimes hard to imagine that this was the reality for many people centuries ago. In a series titled Getting Dressed in… by Crows Eye Productions, the dressing processes of people from different eras are revealed.

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November 19, 2022

Philanthropist “Adopts” Florida Neighborhood, Provides Education for Hundreds of Students

Just off Orlando’s busy International Drive sits popular tourist attractions such as Universal Orlando Resort, convention centers, Disney World, mini golf parks, and outlet malls. Accommodations along this strip of prime real estate include Harris Rosen’s Rosen Inn International, Rosen Inn, and Rosen Centre Hotel which house thousands of short-term visitors every year. It’s sometimes easy to forget that in the middle of so much tourism, there are residents that call Orlando home.

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November 10, 2022

Paper Peepshows: How People Experienced “Virtual Reality” in the 19th Century

Today, virtual reality technology involves putting on some sort of headset that can transform the world around you, from creating an immersive experience out of the Mona Lisa to seeing wilderness from the perspective of wildlife animals. But did you know there were similar experiences in the 19th century that could transport you across the world?

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