Macro Photography

February 11, 2021

This Incredible Video of Snowflakes Melting in Reverse Is Mesmerizing

It can be very difficult to capture the intricacies of snowflakes in a photograph. With each crystalline formation falling in its own unique arrangement of tiny ice droplets, the next biggest challenge is to snap the shot before the delicate frosty details melt before your eyes. However, it might just be in the melting where things get interesting. A YouTube channel called Another Perspective captured incredibly detailed macro footage of snowflakes melting.

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September 27, 2020

Enchanting Macro Photos Take Us Inside the Magical World of Tiny Insects

Bulgarian photographer Georgi Georgiev combines his love for photography with his background studying ecology to take eye-catching images of nature. His macro photography explores the small world of insects in fairytale settings. Georgiev can spend hours in nature in order to create the photograph he intended. It might, for instance, take a long time for his “model” to get into position, or he may even have to crawl on the ground to follow his subject.

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