January 23, 2024

Self-Balancing Robotic Wheelchair Helps Give Visibility to Those With Disabilities

There are many privileges that come with being able-bodied. Just the act of standing up or sitting down without assistance, or reaching for something on a taller shelf, are simple acts that are often taken for granted. Lithuania-based company Chronus Robotics has designed a self-balancing mobility robot that hopes to bring this freedom and visibility to those with lower limb disadvantages.

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January 16, 2024

AI “Completes” Keith Haring’s Intentionally Unfinished Last Artwork, Sparks Controversy

In last few years, the art world has been flooded with controversy over the dramatic rise of AI art. While we have seen some artists and designers incorporating artificial intelligence into their practice, many others have remained firmly against it, especially as it relates to copyright. A recent incident has thrown the ethical concerns of AI art into question once again, when Keith Haring‘s intentionally unfinished artwork was completed with AI.

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December 15, 2023

Google Celebrates 25th Anniversary With a Look Back at the Most Searched Terms With a Video and a Game

Ever since it was created, Google has changed the way we learn and how we explore the world. As the company turns 25 years old, Google is looking back at the most searched topics, people, and events of the last two and a half decades. The tech company released a short film featuring everything from contemporary pop culture figures to world-changing historical events. “25 years ago, the world started to search,” begins the video.

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November 25, 2023

Carbon Capture Plant Aims to Fights Climate Change by Pulling CO2 From the Air

In the fight against climate change, every new tool and development are welcome additions. The latest breakthrough technology doesn't prevent carbon emissions, but instead, pulls them straight from the air. A start-up named Heirloom Carbon Technologies has just opened the first commercial plant in the United States to use direct air capture, which absorbs greenhouse gases from the atmosphere.

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