February 12, 2018

Designer Uses an Algorithm to Create 3D Color Studies of Historic Portraits

Athens-based art director and visual designer Dimitris Ladopoulos breathes new life into centuries-old paintings. Blending traditional art with new technology, Ladopoulos inventively employs an algorithm that transform historic portraits into complex contemporary studies of color. Using data display methods inspired by treemapping, the designer has modernized two works of art: Portrait of Johannes Wtenbogaert (1633) by Dutch master Rembrandt Harmensz van Rijn and Portrait of Rosalba Peale (ca. 1820) by American portrait painter Rembrandt Peale. In each case, Ladopoulos digitally breaks down the pieces into countless rectangles.

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December 29, 2017

Best of 2017: Top Innovative Design and Technology Developments of the Year

The best design and technology has the ability not only to improve our lives, but make a mark on society. As 2017 winds down, My Modern Met looks back at the most innovative technology and design we've covered this year. Environmentally conscious design continues to be a trend, as large companies and individual designers strive to improve the planet via breakthroughs in the products we use every day.

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