Google Celebrates 25th Anniversary With a Look Back at the Most Searched Terms With a Video and a Game

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Ever since it was created, Google has changed the way we learn and how we explore the world. As the company turns 25 years old, Google is looking back at the most searched topics, people, and events of the last two and a half decades. The tech company released a short film featuring everything from contemporary pop culture figures to world-changing historical events.

“25 years ago, the world started to search,” begins the video. Among the topics depicted in the video are “the most searched first step in history,” introducing the Apollo 11 landing on the Moon.  Some of the queries provide some insight into what some of the most popular things are, like the 1980s being the most searched decade, while Cristiano Ronaldo is the most searched athlete ever. Pop culture is heavily represented in the recap, with Google presenting the Harry Potter actors as the “most searched cast,” Taylor Swift as the “most searched songwriter,” and Spongebob Squarepants as the “most searched cartoon.”

In addition to the video, Google also shared Search Playground, a “Where's Waldo”-style game where users can find 25 of the most-searched people, food, places, and moments from the past 25 years by testing their knowledge and following the clues. “Trends were our compass,” writes the team. “We dove headfirst into the world's most searched queries, and from that treasure trove, we hand-picked 25 trends that capture the zeitgeist, spark global curiosity, and span every corner of the spectrum. There's something for everyone, zoom in enough and you’ll see.”

Also faithful to their annual traditions, Google present their Year in Search 2023. Globally, the top news story was the war in Israel and Gaza, while Damar Hamlin's health scare and recovery landed him atop of the most searched people list. Following the box office trend, Barbie was the most searched movie, while Hogwarts Legacy was the most searched game. Google also shared the top searches for Maps, where the most searched museum in the world was the Louvre and Barcelona's Park Güell was the most popular park.

You can browse Google's Year in Search 2023 report in its entirety here, as well as exploring what your local community is exploring by entering your city or zip code here.

Google is celebrating its 25th anniversary by looking back at the most searched terms with a poignant video and a game.

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