December 5, 2021

Inuit Mother and Daughter Show What an “Eskimo Kiss” Really Looks Like

The term “eskimo kiss” might conjure up a cute image of two people rubbing noses; however, the traditional greeting is often misunderstood by Western culture. In a bid to teach more people about Inuit traditions, self-proclaimed “Proud Indigenous” woman Shina Novalinga shares educational videos on TikTok. In one of her most recent videos, she and her mother demonstrate the true “eskimo kiss,” which is actually called a kunik.

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November 24, 2021

Expert Violinist Continues To Play Concerto Even With a Mid-Solo Broken String

Have you heard the saying “The show must go on?” A very dedicated violinist, Ray Chen, has recently encapsulated the epitome of this statement. Known for his passion and energy, Chen turned what could have been a potential catastrophe into an enjoyable moment for everyone in the audience alongside the Seattle Symphony. While onstage at Benaroya Hall performing his solo of Tchailkovsky’s Violin Concerto, one of his violin strings abruptly snapped.

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October 22, 2021

Halloween Light Show Is Perfectly Choreographed to ‘The Matrix’ and “Rage Against the Machine”

For many people, Halloween is a time to get creative, whether it be with costumes and makeup or home decor and food art. However, there’s one artist in Tracy, California who seems to have found his niche in designing for the haunted holiday. Each year, Tom BetGeorge (of Magical Light Shows) transforms a local family shelter, McHenry House, into a spooktacular light show.

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