November 30, 2020

Funny Animation Celebrates Comic Book Legend Stan Lee’s Love of Cursing

The late Stan Lee may no longer be with us, but the comic book legend still lives on through the Marvel superheroes he created. For decades, he provided the masses with amazing stories of adventure, but for those who worked closely with him, he also gave them friendship, joy, and laughter. This is captured in an animated short made by Lee’s former sound engineer Aron Fromm.

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November 4, 2020

This Hi-Tech Bird Feeder Lets Clever Magpies Exchange Bottle Caps for Food

You might not realize it, but birds are very intelligent creatures. Crows, for instance, can recognize human faces. Magpies, a relative of crows, are also known for their smarts as well as their affinity for picking up objects and finagling with things like locks. Artificial intelligence researcher Hans Forsberg noticed these clever creatures around his neighborhood and was able to train them to trade in pieces of litter for food.

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October 12, 2020

Colorized Snowball Fight From 1896 Shows People Have Enjoyed Being Silly for Centuries

As winter approaches, it’s easy to feel all doom and gloom. However, the cold weather brings the potential of snow, and those of us who are kids at heart know that only means one thing: snowball fights! People have been enjoying friendly winter warfare for centuries, and thanks to YouTuber Dmitriy Badin, you can now watch an epic battle from 124 years ago in color.

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September 15, 2020

Guy Turns Driveway Into Racetrack To Entertain Little Boy Who Wouldn’t Stay Off

When a man named Dave started receiving nightly alerts from his home security system, he discovered that a neighborhood kid was trespassing on his driveway every day. The little tyke couldn’t help but take advantage of  smooth pavement on Dave’s property and, as a result, was captured on camera on multiple occasions enjoying a sneaky ride around the driveway on his bike. However, rather than chase away his daily visitor, Dave decided to welcome him.

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