December 28, 2022

Children in Christmas Pageant Break Into Funny Mock Combat Mid-Recital

Christmas is a time for peace, love, and being nice; otherwise, for children, Santa may drop coal instead of toys beneath the tree. However, kids sometimes will be kids and indulge in fun shenanigans, no matter the season—or where they happen to be. Marissa Chrzan, a beauty consultant from Arizona, experienced this at her child's Christmas pageant.

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November 24, 2022

Watch 200 Bassists Perform an Incredible Cover of “Under Pressure” All at the Same Time

Queen and David Bowie's iconic song “Under Pressure” has one of the most recognizable bass lines in music. It's so accentuated that it becomes inseparable from the song's ethos. The memorable sound has landed on “best bass lines ever” lists, including this 62-song-long playlist from NPR. This makes it no surprise that it's been repeated by bassists all over—but how about 200 bassists at one time?

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November 5, 2022

Baker Had the Sweetest Reaction to the Long Line on Her Restaurant’s Opening Day

Chef Lucia Kuráková has had success with her restaurants in the past, but the support she has received on her latest venture brought her to tears. When Kuráková opened El Desván, her first restaurant, in Barcelona, she set out to introduce burgers to the city as more than just an unhealthy meal. Her burgers became so popular that she then opened a tapas restaurant, El Desván Vermutéria, where she introduced cakes to the menu.

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