June 15, 2024

Woodcarver Designs Whimsical Kinetic Sculptures Featuring Lovable Characters

Uniquely inventive, kinetic art instills otherwise stationary pieces with fluid movement. Italian artist Amedeo Capelli specializes in this style, carving dynamic pieces of art out of wood that feature a colorful cast of characters. Capelli's work is whimsical, wholesome, and wildly detailed, as the artist uses a complex set of wooden gears and turntables to get his creations moving. The focus of many of Capelli's creations, or, as he calls them, automatas, are animals.

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July 4, 2023

Watch a Japanese Artisan Transform a Block of Wood Into a Traditional Japanese Noh Mask

Noh is a traditional Japanese theater art with a legacy that continues today. This form of classical dance-drama has been performed since the 14th century and is still regularly practiced today. It's often based on stories in traditional literature and involves the supernatural, with masks as an integral part of the performance. These wooden masks are artworks in their own right, and artisans work to craft, and ultimately transform, them into characters.

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November 29, 2022

Woodworker Spends 100 Hours Carving a Crocodile Emerging from Wood Bar Top

Working from his studio in northwestern Pennsylvania, Scott Dow is a skilled chainsaw artist who is always pushing his creativity to the limits. One of his most impressive projects to date is a unique bar top made from locally sourced catalpa. A carved crocodile rises from the center of the table, its body and head emerging from the “water.” It took Dow about 100 hours to finish the stunning piece.

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December 16, 2021

Artist Makes Incredibly Detailed Wooden Models of Iconic and Vintage Cameras

Vietnam-based artist Phuong Nguyen (of The Wooden Model Design) creates intricate wooden models that are rendered to scale. Crafting everything from classic cars to vintage wooden cameras, their designs even incorporate the most minute of details. In fact, their replicas are so exact that some of their camera models have moving parts and can even take interchangeable lenses. Anyone who’s into photography and cameras will be absolutely enthralled with the expert craftsmanship of these pieces.

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