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Funny Video of a Chimpanzee Knocking a Drone Out of Mid-Air

Flying camera drones offer a fascinating look at life from a bird’s-eye-view. But as this video points out, you have to be careful about where they’re traveling. The footage was captured by and at the Burgers’ Zoo in Arnhem, Netherlands in the area where the chimpanzees reside. One of the astute and quick-witted creatures spotted the drone and decided to arm itself with a long stick. As the aerial electronic came closer, the chimp swatted and knocked it out of mid air!

The video below shows the entire thing from start to finish. You see the drone approaching, getting a little too close, and eventually tumbling to the ground. After it not-so-gracefully lands, the chimp rushes to its side. This is perhaps the funniest part of the entire thing – the curious ape looks directly into the camera and tries to figure out what it is before eventually traipsing away.

Burgers’ Zoo Youtube page
via [Reddit]

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