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Food Blogger Transforms Avocados into a Mouthwatering Feast for the Eyes

The avocado toast trend has redefined breakfast, but Colette Dike is offering more variety by concocting countless other ways to consume the good-for-you green and fatty fruit. Named a top food blogger to follow by the Netherlands edition of Women's Health, this Amsterdam-based home chef shares mouthwatering recipes that rethink avocado as both a condiment and a key ingredient, appealing to the eye and the palate.

Rather than merely mashing it as a typical spread for toasted bread, Colette arranges avocado slices into delicate roses, potted in bowls of black quinoa for “soil.” She wraps slabs of avocado in wonton, fries them to a golden crisp, and dapples them with black sesame seeds and dots of curried mayonnaise. She cuts tiny skewered disks of avocado into popsicles, to be dipped in tahini and sesame. For Easter, she even made an avocado “egg,” coating a whole avocado with chopped pistachios, almonds, lime zest, and chili flakes and filling it with goat cheese. But her most versatile technique is shaving avocado into wide ribbons, which can be rolled up, folded, or layered like edible satin on top of–well, pretty much any meal.

Watch out for Colette's upcoming book of–you guessed it–avocado recipes. And in the meantime, feast your eyes on the edible masterpieces on Colette's Instagram page.

Above: “Flower pot” with whipped feta, black quinoa, crumbled anchovies, and an avocado rose.

Avocado stuffed with goat cheese and coated with pistachios, almonds, lime zest, and chili flakes.

Pita Pizza with guacamole, avocado rose, broccoli cress, and rock chives

Veggie ‘Noodles' – shaved avocado and daikon, with homemade dukkah and lime zest.

Polenta Pizza with coeur de boeuf tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella, and avocado.

Veggie ‘Filet' Americain (sauce) Sandwich topped with onions, salt, and pepper.

Avocado fries with homemade chorizo mayo.

Sweet Phyllo Pizza with avocado, chili, lime juice, and shaved chocolate.

Warm bagel with “avocadonaise,” grilled halloumi, and shaved avocado.

Oven roasted sweet potato with whipped feta, and shaved avocado.

Wonton-wrapped fried avocado with yellow curry mayonnaise, black sesame seeds, and soy sauce.

Seaweed sliders with nori, grated carrot, cucumber spaghetti, avocado, and black sesame seeds.

Avocado and watermelon radish on toast.

Hot Grilled Pita (Pizza) with cornflower, goat cheese, and avocado.

Food Deco: Website | Instagram
via [DesignTAXI, Daily Mail]

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