365 Days of Documenting Parisians Through Stunning Street Portraits

Russian-born art director Constantin Mashinskiy has taken to the streets of Paris to document the iconic city's inhabitants, one striking portrait at a time. The photographer reached out to us to share his impressive series 365 Parisians (365 Parisiens, in French), for which he plans to capture a street portrait of a stranger in Paris every day for an entire year.

Shot in a classical, black-and-white style reminiscent of the aesthetic of old street photography masters, Mashinskiy's images give a face (or multiple faces) to the beautiful, often romanticized city of Paris. While the series features some of the characters we might expect to see–the sharply dressed gentleman, the intellectual clothed in black, the glamorous and mysterious young woman, the overworked chef taking a quick break–it also depicts a slew of unique individuals who prove that Paris is as diverse as it is stunning. Glimpses of cafes, taxicabs, and cobblestoned alleys in the background flesh out the environment even more, letting viewers fully experience the magic of Paris through Mashinskiy's expressive portraits.

To keep up with this unique project, be sure to follow 365 Parisians on Tumblr or Facebook.

365 Parisians on Tumblr
365 Parisians on Facebook
Constantin Mashinskiy's website

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