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Deviant Comic Strip Characters (12 total)

What happens when your favorite comic strip characters get “off the strip”? Do they go a little crazy? Would Snoopy really roast Woodstock? WWA Gallery answers those questions and more with their recently opened art exhibition. The show runs now till September 4th.

(First piece, above, is by artist David Bray.)

Unfriended by Scott Stulen

Little Orphan Anarchy by Valery Milovic

Nancy and Sluggo by Valery Milovic

F(el)IX the Cat by Valery Milovic

Zombie Circus by Jan Avendano

Tendencies by Ken Garduno

Nancy Muerte by Adam Reker

Dennis the Menace to Society by Damian King

La Batmobile Rosa by David Sossella

Howland by Damian King

Hobbes' Ride (Takin' It Back) by Tommii Lim

WWA Gallery

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