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Beautiful Mosaic Bird Sculptures by Dusciana Bravura

Venice, Italy-born Dusciana Bravura is the artist behind these breathtaking bird sculptures made of mosaics. Her works like Yellow Beak, pictured above and immediately below, is made out of a mixture of glass paste, millefiori, crystals, iron, cementitious adhesive on fiberglass structure. Its beak is composed of Murano glass. Though from farther away one can appreciate the beautiful structure, come up close and you'll be blown away by all the detailed work that goes into creating each piece.

Bravura has been a mosaic teacher in the Masters degree program at the Fine Art Academy in Ravenna and has been awarded multiple prizes for her work. She represents a younger generation of mosaic artists from the Ravenna school, and she has exhibited internationally throughout her career.

Dusciana Bravura's website

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