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21 Edible Works of Art That Are Almost Too Good to Eat

Everybody knows that you’re not supposed to play with your food—but no one ever said anything about crafting it! Created entirely from food, this collection of edible works of art is as appetizing as it is artistic.

From museum-worthy lollipops and decorative-art-inspired cookies to bento bunnies and sushi crafted into koi fish, each culinary creation puts a yummy spin on artistic expression. Foregoing paint for icing, replacing clay with rice, and using pie crust as paper, the artists behind each edible work of art prove that you don’t need traditional materials to create mouth-watering masterpieces.

Colorful Coconut Milk Bowls

Out-of-this-World Donuts

Bento Bunnies

Artsy Avocado

Tasty Typography

Lustrous Animal-Inspired Lollipops

Jiggly Jell-O City

Mandala-Inspired Cakes

Edible Embroidery

Icons Crafted From Corn Flakes

Delicious Decorative Art Cookies

Geometric Melon

Pizza Dough Warriors

Playful Doodle Hybrids

Masterpieces That Melt-in-Your-Mouth

Yummy Everyday Objects

Delicate Floral Lollipops

Michelangelo Meets Fruit

Crystal-like Cat Cake

Appetizing Amethyst

Creativity is baked, fried, chopped, and stuffed into every bit of these edible works of food art!

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