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Colorful Cascade of 18,000 Paper Silhouettes in 100 Different Colors

Artist Emmanuelle Moureaux’s latest exhibition called I Am Here challenges you to find the proverbial needle in the haystack. The interactive installation cascades from the ceiling in a vibrant rainbow, suspending the silhouettes of 18,000 women in 100 different colors. These paper pedestrians represent the continuous flow of foot traffic in Japan’s Tokyu Plaza Ginza. Hidden among them, however, are three figures—two girls and a cat—that you’ve got to spot among the layers of seemingly endless adult bodies.

Although I Am Here entices you to find the “lost” silhouettes, it also encourages you to rethink where you belong. “One can drown in the same repeated days,” Moureaux writes, “becoming one of the people on the street.” The exhibition makes you ponder, “Am I like these figures in this crowd?”

To create this impressive, uniform appearance, Moureaux used the centimeter-level measurement accuracy of the Quasi-Zenith Satellite System (QZSS) as a motif. From about 40,000km in space, this tool can determine your position with incredible precision.

I Am Here is now on view at the METoA Ginza until September 22, 2016.

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