England’s Floating House

An interesting new house has been built off the coast of Suffolk, in Thorpeness, England. Called the Dune House, it was designed by architecture firm Jarmund/Vigsns AS Arkitekter MNAL. In order for the house to be built on the property, it had to relate to the traditional British seaside architecture in that area. The roof and bedroom reflect this specification, but the ground and second floor are starkly different.

With the top floor being of solid wood construction, it relates back to the current houses and sheds in the area. However, the bottom floor is made of concrete and glass which is a strong contrast in the difference of materials. In fact, the use of glass on the bottom floor almost makes the house look like it's floating.The house's ground floor offers wide views of the surrounding landscape. At the corners of the ground floor, sliding glass doors can be opened, which furthers the floating illusion.

The house is currently being rented out for for use as a vacation home.

Jarmund/Vigsns AS Arkitekter MNAL's Website
via [Contemporist]

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