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Rows of Reflective Boxes Illustrate Portuguese Street Party

Portugal-based project FAHR 021.3 is a creative collaboration between artists Filipa Frois Almeida and Hugo Reis. According to their website, the duo explores “new concepts of ephemeral architecture, installation and urban art.” Recently, the group produced this temporary piece entitled Estrutura de S. Joo as part of the event Acorda! in the Design Institute of Guimares. The installation was designed to mimic a Portuguese street party, with the reflective surfaces representing typical party decorations, including ribbons, balloons, and fireworks.

For the installation, rows of shiny boxes were suspended overhead, pinched together by string from the four corners of the malleable material and attached with clothespins. Each box was connected to the next, producing a chainlike reaction of movement. As visitors chatted and played underneath, the hollow boxes swayed in the wind, reflecting light and twinkling with a lively energy. To experience the piece in action, you can view the video below.

FAHR 021.3 website
via [CJWHO]

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