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Gorgeous Horn Speaker Hand Carved from a Discarded Liquor Barrel

Beautiful furniture can come from the most unexpected places—even an old barrel of liquor. Jordan Waraksa of Fiddle + Hammer has used this type of vessel as the main component in his gorgeous speaker called Bellaphone. Hand carved from reclaimed wood, the former tequila cask is now fashioned into a horn with a long neck that twists into a barrel base. “The horn,” he explains, “is a testament to harnessing the resonant and warm qualities of the wood which they are carved from.” Its eye-catching shape naturally amplifies the sounds produced from the dual speakers hidden below.

Bellaphone represents two of Waraksa’s passions—sculpture and music. Developed over the course of a decade, his first prototypes were originally created to play the music that he writes and records. Since then, he has refined his process and now produces the horn in a variety of sizes that range from two to six feet tall. It’s also a versatile piece that will stand the test of technology and can be paired with nearly any type of sound system.

Bellaphone is available (with a matching wooden amplifier) through the Fiddle + Hammer website.

Fiddle + Hammer: Website | Instagram
via [designboom, Inhabitat]

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