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Beautiful Hybrid Creatures Combine Organisms and Machines

Artist Gaby Wormann reimagines living organisms as if they were combined with machines. Using the bodies of tarantulas, crabs, winged insects, and more, she adds gears, springs, and other mechanics to their fragile forms. The incredible works are intricately constructed and beautifully fuse organic matter with industrial elements. Together, they allow Wormann to create what she calls MeCre, or mechanical creatures.

Wormann is interested in humanity's intervention into complex biological systems, and her work postulates the hybrid forms' role in the future. To the artist, they symbolize a synthesis between biomass and mechanics that will become part of our evolution. These creatures are more resistant, efficient, and technically optimized for a world where we are focused on continually improving at all costs.

The outstanding craft of McCre makes these organisms appear real. They ignite our imaginations like a good science fiction novel, and we ponder what Earth would be like if her creatures inhabited it.

Gabby Wormann website
via [ART & LSP Devid Sketchbook]

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