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Tattooist Fuses Contemporary Freehand Techniques with Traditional Japanese Themes

Tattoo artist Gakkin produces delicate works on skin that are designed with a freehand approach. Opting to draw directly onto his client's body before tattooing an image, the Japanese artist forgoes a stencil and tailors each design to the specific person—other artists, in contrast, would create something beforehand, show it to their client, and then use transfer paper to place it on the skin.

Gakkin describes his tattoos as “a new approach to traditional Japanese themes.” He uses classic imagery and decorates his clients with flowers, leaves, and waves, while also incorporating contemporary styles. Gakkin covers the body in ink to create bold blackout tattoos or uses a hint of red for a striking accent. Never straying too far from his roots, however, he follows the wabori rules of Japanese tattooing, which dictates standards like cherry blossoms and maple leaves should never appear in the same design.

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