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Incredible Geometric Artwork

John Powers creates geometric installations and sculptures that use simple blocks to form interesting patterns with depth and form. The zoomed in view of these pieces makes them look like more like computer generated images than tangible art. Powers states, “I very much like that my work looks digital, that it reflect my exposure to the technologies around me, but I like also that it is handmade out of base materials.”

His pieces usually employ one specific type of material, most commonly Styrofoam blocks. In some of them, the intricately laid out blocks create images of mazes, prompting the viewer to try and navigate his work. He's also known to use wooden blocks and mirrors. Powers elaborates, “I love walking into an artist's studio and finding something that is made of junk or base stuff that moves me.”

John Powers' Websitevia [Neatorama, Watz Flickr, Sprouting Edge]

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