Adorable Toddler Dresses in the Cutest Costumes Leading Up to Halloween

Photographer Gina Lee and her 3-year-old daughter Willow have perfected the art of Halloween costumes. For this creative mother-daughter duo, the month of October is known as Dress Up Willow Month. During this festive time of the year, Lee celebrates her creativity by producing homemade costumes for Willow to playfully model. “I love Halloween. And why just have one costume?” the artistic mom told ABC News. “There are so many to choose from. But I do dress her up throughout the year as well. She does Willow on the Shelf. We did the Kentucky Derby–anything happening in the now. And we did pilgrims for Thanksgiving, a nativity scene for Christmas. Why stop at October? It's just fun.”

Since this tradition began, Willow's dressed up as artist Frida Kahlo, the iconic Morton Salt Umbrella Girl, and has even found inspiration from the uniforms of In-N-Out employees. Willow's adorable project caught Netflix's attention which has led to a few collaborations so far, including costumes as Inspector Gadget and Red from Orange is the New Black. “My head is always turning throughout the year,” said the photographer, when asked about how she comes up with so many interesting ideas. “I see something or watch something and that's it. Like the Burt's Bees. I watched a documentary and there it was. Saw David Hasselhoff in a current commercial, and that was it.”

While Willow has an entire closet's-worth of costumes to choose from, she still doesn't know what she wants to be when she goes trick-or-treating this year. “We are not sure yet. So many to choose from,” Lee said. “Probably Super Willow! With so many costumes, how will she ever choose? Right?”

Gina Lee: Website | Facebook | Instagram
via [Mashable, ABC News]

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