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No Street Lights in NYC

New York-based photographer Guillaume Gaudet just sent us an email to show us this photo he took of a dark and quiet NYC. He shot it on October 30 or a day after Hurricane Sandy hit New York.

“It’s on Washington Street in Dumbo, Brooklyn. This view is well-known. Normally, there are street lights that give a sort of harsh light and it’s difficult, by night, to have the bridge pillar standing out with the Empire State in the background. I was instantly mesmerized when I saw this single ray of light brightening the cobblestones. I’ve taken this photo so many times and it was the first time that the street was completely dark. The silhouette of this biker was emerging from the light and I was so happy to be there and catch this picture. I’m a big fan of street photography. The best photos are when you manage to catch a moment. This was a perfect moment.”

Guillaume Gaudet on Facebook

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