Cute Hamster Loves Eating His Lucky Heart-Shaped Cucumber Snack

Hamster Loves Heart-Shaped Cucumber

Hamsters love snacking on fruit and vegetables, and they can look pretty cute doing so. A single slice of apple, pear, or banana is almost as big as their tiny heads, but they can munch through them in no time. One Japan-based hamster named Mashiro is particularly fond of healthy treats, and his owner Paru (@gsm_iham2 on Twitter) is more than happy to provide him with the best.

Most recently, when Paru was preparing some cucumber, he realized one of his slices was heart-shaped. Considering it a sign of good luck, he decided to gift the piece to Mashiro, who immediately took it in his little paws with enthusiasm. Paru shared photos of the cute exchange on Twitter, revealing how Mashiro happily munches on the edible green heart.

Mashiro means “pure white” in Japanese, and considering the hamster’s fluffy white coat, it’s the perfect name for the cute pet. When he’s not eating cucumbers, little Mashiro snacks on broccoli and leafy greens. The healthy little guy is all about eating his five (or more) a day.

Check out Mashiro and his heart-shaped cucumber below, and follow Paru on Twitter and Instagram for more cute updates.

Mashiro the fluffy white hamster looks all loved-up with his heart-shaped cucumber snack.

Hamster Loves Heart-Shaped CucumberHamster Loves Heart-Shaped CucumberHamster Loves Heart-Shaped Cucumber

How cute is this little critter!?

Hamster Loves Heart-Shaped CucumberHamster Loves Heart-Shaped CucumberHamster Loves Heart-Shaped CucumberHamster Loves Heart-Shaped CucumberParu: Instagram | Twitter
h/t: [grape]

All images via Paru.

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