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Emma Taggart is a Contributing Writer at My Modern Met. Originally from Northern Ireland, she is an artist now based in Berlin. After graduating with a BA in Fashion and Textile Design in 2013, Emma decided to combine her love of art with her passion for writing. Emma has contributed to various art and culture publications, with an aim to promote and share the work of inspiring modern creatives. While she writes every day, she’s also devoted to her own creative outlet—Emma hand-draws illustrations and is currently learning 2D animation.

April 11, 2021

6 Ai Weiwei Artworks That Bravely Call Attention to Social Issues in China

Artist Ai Weiwei is undoubtedly the most well-known living Chinese creative today, but his country’s government doesn’t exactly give him the recognition he deserves. In communist China—where freedom of speech is tightly regulated—Ai’s varied portfolio of work doesn’t fetch the highest prices at auctions, and critics don’t sing his praises. Instead, the activist is viewed as a threat to the “harmonious society.

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April 9, 2021

Photorealistic “Double Exposure” Portrait Paintings Reflect the Complexities of Life Itself

These images might look like double exposure photographs, but they’re actually works rendered in oil paint. Spanish artist Cristian Blanxer expresses his subjects’ movements, inner thoughts, and environments by painting them as surreal, multi-layered portraits. In some works, Blanxer captures the movements of his subjects, showing both their past and present positions at once. One painting depicts a dancer as she bends her body towards a chair and kicks her leg upwards.

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April 7, 2021

You Can Craft Your Own Adorable Octopus Thanks to This Downloadable Pattern

The art of amigurumi (crocheted toys) has captured the hearts of crafters and toy lovers. It gained popularity in Japan during the early aughts but the technique has made its way around the world. In Russia, author and artist Elena Plaxina (of Simpatico Gufo) helps to keep the cute craft alive with her handmade animal toys. She makes all-sort of crochet critters, but her amigurumi octopuses are particularly sweet.

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April 5, 2021

Visually Satisfying Shadow Photos Are What Every Perfectionist Needs To See

Sometimes, rays of sunlight hit objects at the perfect angle and cast shadows that are even more interesting than the object itself. Twitter user Joaquim Campa recently shared a gallery of “satisfying shadows for perfectionists” to reveal silhouettes, shapes, and contours that are seriously pleasing to the eye. In one image, the shadow cast from a bicycle rack fits just into two yellow lines painted on the ground.

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