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May 21, 2018

Interview: Designer Creates a Colorful Herd of Animal-Inspired Chairs

When we first came across Spanish designer Máximo Riera’s Rhino Chair in 2011, we were blown away by its incredible likeness to the endangered animal. Featuring a surprisingly comfortable-looking throne that merges with the upper half of the rhino’s body, it was the second sculptural design added to Riera’s Animal Chair Collection—the first being the equally-majestic Octopus Chair.

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May 18, 2018

Street Artist Creates Multi-Layered Typography Puzzles With Hidden Messages

British street artist Peter Preffington aka Pref plays with perception through his multi-layered, 3D graffiti. Using a range of modern and traditional typefaces, he visualizes popular sayings and expressions in his distinct overlapping style. While these typography murals might seem difficult to decipher at first, it’s this unique style that helps draw the viewer in.

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