Winter Magic in Real Life: Beautiful Photos of Snow-Covered Forests

Winter Forest Scenery

Photographer Heiko Gerlicher has always had a love for the forest. In fact, it's such an inspiration that it's the landscape photographer's main subject. His latest series Hoar Frost allows snow-covered trees to become shining stars, as their icy leaves create marvelous patterns. A look at his portfolio is like stepping into a magical winter wonderland plucked from a fairy tale.

The diversity of the images and the different moods they portray proves Gerlicher's point that the forest is filled with endless creative possibilities. “You never know exactly what to expect,” he tells My Modern Met. “At first glance, it is not easy to spontaneously discover interesting motifs in the forest. But once you get involved in the forest, a cornucopia of motifs spreads out in front of you. In addition, everything in the forest is constantly changing.”

The unique opportunities presented by the forest are part of what attracts Gerlicher. In this Instagram age when photographers travel to the same locations to shoot similar imagery, he is purposely hanging back and creating photographs of unseen spaces. Hoar Frost, which is named for the white crystallized ice that clings to leaves and branches, is stunning for its quiet beauty. One can almost imagine the stillness that hangs in the air, with only the sound of Gerlicher's footsteps breaking the silence.

In looking through the photographs, one realizes just what fertile ground the forest provides for the imagination. From immense evergreens that create a woven white carpet to giant trees that fill the space with their spidery branches, each picture captures a different and distinct winter moment.

Gerlicher hopes that his work will inspire others to appreciate the beauty that surrounds them. “I want to show the beauty and fragility of the trees and forests with my pictures. I want to arouse the desire to go out into nature and the forest, get involved and then return home with a good feeling.”

Photographer Heiko Gerlicher is deeply inspired by the forest.

Winter Path Leading Through the Woods

Snow Covered Evergreen Trees

Snowy Trees in the Woods

Hoar Frost by Heiko Gerlicher

Snow Covered Trees

Snow Covered Evergreen Trees

Tree Covered with Frost

His series Hoar Frost shows the diverse beauty of winter in the woods.

Hoar Frost by Heiko Gerlicher

Snow Covered Winter in the Woods

Snow Covered Evergreen Trees

Moody Winter Environment

Hoar Frost by Heiko Gerlicher

Winter Forest Photography

Big Tree with Long Branches Covered in Snow

With leaves and branches covered in ice, the trees create marvelous natural patterns.

Tree in the Woods Covered with Snow

Hoar Frost by Heiko Gerlicher

Hoar Frost by Heiko Gerlicher

Tree Branches Covered with Snow

Snow Covered Trees

Heiko Gerlicher: Website | Instagram | Behance

My Modern Met granted permission to feature photos by Heiko Gerlicher.

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