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7 Creative Hobbies That You Can Enjoy Offline

More ways to spend time away from screens.


Learn the basics of block printing.

Hobbies and Creative Arts

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See why printmaking is one of the world’s oldest arts when you try block printing. This facet of the field is easy to complete in your home. You just need a few basic supplies to carve stamps that can then be imprinted onto paper, fabric, and other porous surfaces. The best part about block printing is that your custom stamp can be used again and again. Because of this, the activity lends itself well to a side hustle; you could use it to easily produce art prints or home decor items for a low cost.

Block printing requires linoleum, wood, or rubber blocks, carving tools, ink, and a brayer—that’s it! The creative possibilities are endless and all yours. Here’s more information on how to get started.


Craft your own crochet.

Creative Arts and Hobbies

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Crochet is no longer just your grandmother’s hobby. While many grandmas continue to participate in the craft, it has gained considerable popularity in younger generations. It’s easy to see why. With countless online tutorials available, it’s simpler than ever to get started. If you are a beginner, you can commence with basic techniques and stitches and gradually build your skills over time.

Crochet only requires a couple of supplies—a hook and some yarn. As far as projects go, a scarf is one of the easiest to complete, but look for online crochet patterns and you can quickly find more challenging projects. One of our favorites approaches is adorable amigurumi.


Tired of adult coloring books? Give zentangles a try.

Zentangle Creative Hobbies

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The adult coloring book craze has helped inspire countless busy grown-ups to be creative without expectations or deadlines. Avid colorers who are looking to change up their routine need to give zentangles a try. While similar to coloring books, there is one big difference; you are filling in shapes with patterns instead of colors.

It’s easy to start zentangle art. Simply draw a shape like a circle or square and then decorate it with whatever motifs you like. For an extra burst of color, use markers or a variety of colored pencils.


Don’t skip rocks… paint them!

Rock Painting Ideas

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Take your painting skills off the conventional canvas when you decorate rocks. These small surfaces are perfect for dazzling creations like mandala-inspired dot designs. Some people even take it a step further by transforming these organic shapes into rock animals.


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