Artist Upcycles Scrap Metal Into a Majestic Menagerie of Animal Sculptures

Sculptor Jordan Sprigg sitting atop his life-size metal horse sculpture

Sculptor Jordan Sprigg‘s animal creations look like they come directly out of the pages of a steampunk novel. For the past 10 years, the Australian artist has been using scrap metal to create stunning animal sculptures. From a pair of dragonflies lounging on a river reed to a fearsome 20-foot-long dinosaur, Sprigg's creativity knows no bounds.

Even though each sculpture is made of iron, his metallic menagerie is full of life and often captures animals in action. His Spanish mackerel is posed in a permanent jumping position as it leaps out of the water; a wedge-tailed eagle is seen swooping in to catch prey in its talons; and a black rhino is captured mid-step as its stainless steel horns gleam proudly in the sun. Regardless of the species, his sculptures are full of life, and they look like they could step off of their pedestals at any moment.

Sprigg's inspiration clearly comes from all the different creatures that roam the earth. As for the materials used, they're primarily sourced locally. The sculptor uses recycled metal from retired machinery, scrap heaps, and clearance sales from around rural Western Australia. He pays homage to the history of the metal by letting it retain its rusty appearance, as some of the scrap iron he has collected is over 100 years old.

To purchase Sprigg's work, including a 2024 calendar featuring prints of 12 of his designs, visit his website. To keep up with his work, make sure to follow the artist on Instagram. And for a glimpse into what Sprigg does when he isn't sculpting a zoo of metal animals, you can follow his Facebook page.

Australian artist Jordan Sprigg creates animal sculptures out of recycled metal.

Metal Horse Sculpture by Jordan Sprigg

Jordan Sprigg Stands Next To His Metal Camel Sculpture

Jordan Sprigg's Metal Black Rhino Sculpture

Over the past decade, Sprigg has depicted some of the fiercest beasts to ever roam the earth, past and present.

Metal Animal Sculpture by Jordan Sprigg

Jordan Sprigg Poses With His Dog In Front Of His Metal Ibex Sculpture

Jordan Sprigg Stands With His Metal Dinosaur Sculpture

Jordan Sprigg Stands Next To His Metal Crocodile Sculpture

Metal Animal Sculpture by Jordan Sprigg

Metal Animal Sculpture by Jordan Sprigg

He has also captured the essence of some gentler creatures.

Jordan Sprigg's Multicolored Metal Seahorse Sculpture

Jordan Sprigg's Pink Metal Parakeet Sculpture

Jordan Sprigg's Metal Praying Mantis Sculpture

Each piece is a remarkable example of craftsmanship that pays homage to the diverse creatures that walk the land, swim in the sea, and soar through the sky.

Jordan Sprigg's Metal Angus Bull Sculpture

Metal Octopus Sculpture by Jordan Sprigg

Jordan Sprigg's Metal Pelican Sculpture

Metal Rooster Sculpture by Jordan Sprigg

Metal Owl Sculpture by Jordan Sprigg



Jordan Sprigg: Website | Instagram | Facebook

My Modern Met granted permission to feature photos by Jordan Sprigg.

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