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Liu Bolin and JR’s Camouflaging Collaboration

Did you catch the man concealed in that giant street mural? French street artist JR and expert camouflage artist Liu Bolin have recently joined forces in New York City to produce this massive multilayered art project. The three-step undertaking began with the construction and assembly of JR's large-scale mural of Bolin. The street artist wheatpasted the image to the wall in the Nolita neighborhood of Manhattan. Once the adhesive was applied and the mural was completely installed, it was Bolin's turn to work his camouflage magic.

Bolin, who is no stranger to hiding into his surroundings, follows up the collaborative project by, once again, blending his subject into the wall's newly added visual. This time, rather than standing hidden in the image himself, the Chinese artist gave his counterpart the chameleon treatment. His brand of performance art is so incredibly engaging that it never ceases to impress and boggle the mind. Following the act of blending in, the duo conducted a photo shoot to capture the result. It's unclear whether this pairing will be seen in other parts of the city, but this particular performance seems to have been in preparation for Bolin's exhibit at Eli Klein Fine Art titled Lost in Art. The show opens today and will run through May 11, 2012.

JR's website and Liu Bolin on artnet
via [CollabCubed, Arrested Motion, NewYorkStreetArt]

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