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Incredibly Realistic Marvel Comic Characters Revealed Through Body Painting

Designer and cosplayer Kay Pike uses body paint to transform herself into characters from the Marvel Comics universe. Inspired by pen and ink drawings of Spiderman, Deadpool, She-Hulk, and more, she incorporates the stylized highlights, shadows, and dark contour outlines onto her body. The result is a fantastic illusion that will make you question if this is Pike or a scene from a comic book.

Pike's impressive body art reflects a long-held interest in superhero culture. “I've been working at comic conventions selling my fashion line, Canada Cosplay, for years.” she told SELF, continuing, “I found cosplay was a great way to interact and enjoy socializing at conventions.” Psychologically, it's also beneficial. “Being your heroes lifts the veil of social anxiety.”

Cosplay is a large part of Pike's life, but a health issue temporarily derailed her passion. She suffers from the crippling pain of congenital arthritis in her hips, which prevents her from sitting and sewing for hours–something that's vital to a cosplayer. Luckily, Pike was able to shift her focus to “cospainting” in 2015. “Painting characters on my body means I can stand instead of sit,” she explained to SELF, “and there aren't even high-heels required.”

Pike regularly live streams cospainting on Twitch and creates mesmerizing time lapse videos on her YouTube channel.

Kay Pike: Facebook | Instagram | Twitch | YouTube

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