Storytelling Series About an Astronaut Loving Life

The Story of Steve and Zo is a carefully thought out photo series by Calgary-based photographer Kelly Hofer that tells the tale of an astronaut who leaves his failing marriage and home for an adventure to discover his true passions in life. The beautifully lit series uses light and color to catch the eye, presenting a variety of compositions to keep the audience's attention. The images, though intriguing on their own, relay a compelling narrative when presented as a series.

Hofer's imaginative concept revolves around a man in an astronaut suit (Steve) who explores the outside world, beyond the confines of his own home where his wife (Zoe) remains, to encounter a whole new universe filled with captivating art. Steve ventures out of his bubble and finds new meaning in a life filled with joy and creativity. According to Hofer's surreal story, Steve commissions a robotic replica of his wife to be created by the innovative people at Beakerhead. In the end, Steve is met by Zoe 2.0, a version of his wife that is comprised of her best qualities. Together they explore the world as an innately adventurous couple.

Kelly Hofer website
Beakerhead website

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