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Countless Meticulously-Stippled Dots Form Fantastical Drawings

Los Angeles-based artist Kyle Leonard (aka K.A.L) creates meticulously-detailed drawings with the help of extremely fine-tipped pens. The realistic style is made up of countless tiny dots, which together create a smooth and expertly-blended appearance. “Pointillism is my method of madness,” Leonard explains, referring to the painstaking technique. In the end, though, his “maddening” process pays off–his fantastical subject matter takes on an almost photographic appearance.

Leonard often combines two or three elements to create one surreal scene. Elephants and octopuses are fused with architecture and plant life, and it appears as if they’re growing from the creatures’ bodies. Likewise, giant trees are also home to tiny buildings that line the branches. In all of Leonard’s illustrations, the seemingly disparate parts work harmoniously together, producing alluring characters and stories that leave us wanting to know more.

Leonard sells his drawings in the form of prints, tote bags, and more through his Society6 shop.

Kyle Leonard: Website | Instagram | Society6

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