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Mystical Photos of Mushrooms Casting an Enchanting Glow

Mushrooms, with their different shapes, sizes, and colors, sometime seem like they exist in faraway, imaginary lands. German photographer Martin Pfister captures these mystical and magical qualities in his delightful series of macro fungi photographs. He’s even developed a creative twist on shooting the mushrooms. Instead of relying on only natural light, he illuminates them from behind using tiny LED bulbs. This is what gives them their enchanting glow.

Pfister’s work features brilliant blues, purples, and greens. His often-dramatic lighting captures the amazing texture of the small mushrooms as well as their vivid surroundings. Sometimes, insects rest on them or moisture bellows from their caps, and it’s clear that Pfister has caught his subjects at just the right moment. They make for exquisite photos that allow us to appreciate these real-life fairy tales.

Martin Pfister 500px page
via [Bored Panda and PHOTO.ru]

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