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Surreal Architectural Collages Convincingly Create Fantastical Dream Homes

Using scissors and glue, artist Matthias Jung creates surreal constructions that occupy vast, desolate landscapes. The German creative, whose work we’ve admired before, merges disparate architectural elements into cohesive pieces, combining the likes of opulent cathedrals with everyday, utilitarian buildings. By doing this, Jung completely reimagines how these places should look and act. In some of his collages, structures are ready to fly away, tethered only by a string. Other pieces use decorative elements that have been extracted from their original structures–like a single column or part of an arch–and form the foundation for these places.

At first glance, Jung’s work might actually seem believable, which is thanks to his meticulous attention to detail. He’s careful to match the scale and tone of his buildings with the surrounding environments. As a result, we have a momentary double take, telling ourselves that it’s just some unusual locale we’ve never seen before.

Jung refers to his collages as “architectural short poems,” offering a fantastic and poetic perspective. They are simultaneously beautiful and befuddling, yet expressive–just like the literary works to which they refer.

Matthias Jung: Website

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