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Artist Turns Metal Wire into Bonsai Trees That Will Live Forever

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Love the beauty of bonsai trees, but worry about caring for one? No fear, wire artist Matthew Gollop has you covered. His company, Metal Bonsai, specializes in wire tree art, with a focus on bonsai trees.

Gollop’s trees are inspired by the beauty and strength of bonsai, each sculpture lovingly crafted for a unique result. By shaping multiple strands of metal wire, sometimes using almost 500 feet per tree, the bonsai take form. The final product is even placed inside a bonsai pot, for the full experience.

The artist’s passion for wire has a unique beginning. While fiddling with the muselet from a champagne bottle—the wire part that holds the cork in—he unconsciously began forming a tree. As he’d had an interest in bonsai, it was only fitting that he sculpted that particular tree. From there, the idea took off.

The wire sculptures are available in a wide range of styles, both with bright pops of color or subdued monochrome finishes. It’s even possible to select a bonsai tree based on species. Or instead, maybe you’re curious about how to make your own wire trees? Gollop has you covered with an infographic to take you through the process.

Gollop has his bonsai for sale through his website, Metal Bonsai. Prices range from $55 to $355.

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Metal Bonsai has also been experimenting with glass beads, which add a touch of glamour to their bonsai.

wire tree artwire tree artMetal Bonsai: Website | Facebook

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