Innovative Notre-Dame Roof Reconstruction Concept Balances the Past and Present

Notre Dame Roof & Spire Concept by Miysis Studio

As the reconstruction concepts for Notre-Dame Cathedral continue to roll in, it's clear that glass is the preferred material of most architects. This holds true with the design released by Miysis Studio, which combines classic and contemporary elements to create a new public space atop the cathedral. The Belgian visualization studio has proposed an elegant solution that would see the reconstruction of the 19th-century spire juxtaposed with a thoroughly modern glass roof.

This combination of past and present is a way to ease the public into the transformation of the space, as under this concept, the roofline and spire retain their historic shape. The glass roof would be constructed around a steel and timber frame, while the replica spire would use traditional materials. “We wanted to mix traditional wood and new materials to find the right balance between history and future,” shares Miysis Studio CEO Denis Stevens.

Similar to other concepts, the attic would be transformed into a public garden for visitors. Rather than an urban garden for cultivation, Miysis Studio envisions that space filled with lush trees planted throughout the center. Planting beds along the edges would increase the greenery while leaving pathways for visitors to stroll and contemplate the environment.

By respecting the original dimension and volume of the roof, Miysis Studio remains respectful to the Notre-Dame that most people know and love. This may make it a design that is easier for the public to accept, as opposed to some of the more radical designs that have been proposed since French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe announced that a competition would be held to replace Notre-Dame's spire.

“We think restoring Notre-Dame to its initial state would be trying to erase the fire from the history of the cathedral,” explained Stevens. “We also wouldn't get the actual historical wood frame back, just a copy of it. We think there is a way to be respectful and a little bit creative at the same time.”

Miysis Studio has proposed a new glass roof and replica spire for Notre-Dame that is faithful to the original roofline.

Notre Dame Roof & Spire Concept by Miysis Studio

Notre Dame Spire Concept by Miysis Studio

Notre Dame Design Concept

Glass Roof on Notre Dame by Miysis Studio

Notre Dame Design Concept

Roof Design for Notre Dame Cathedral by Miysis Studio

Roof Design for Notre Dame Cathedral by Miysis Studio

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All images via Miysis Studio.

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