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Mesmerizing Layered Landscapes Reflect on Time and Space

Japanese artist Nobuhiro Nakanishi's Layer Drawings series continues to explore time, space, and memory by exhibiting the gradation of the sky and varied environments as layered installations. Like his past works, the transcendent sequence of frames present captured moments that would otherwise be lost as a distant memory, regretfully gone unnoticed in life. They display a succession of inkjet printed photographs on plexiglass acrylic that represent moments that are underappreciated and easily escape our attention like daily sunrises and sunsets.

Placed in chronological order, each mounted image serves as a piece of the final product. Nakanishi leaves gaps in between each panel, inviting viewers to reflect and fill them in with their own memories. The artist's pieces offer a unique, multi-dimensional view of time that allows the viewer to take in each sculptural mixed media installation from multiple perspectives. In a way, he is allotting time to moments that have been overlooked in the past, though it leads one to wonder what they may be failing to notice while taking in the art.

Nobuhiro Nakanishi website
Photos via Galerie Kashya Hildebrand

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