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Redefining a Space with Colorful Tape

Brooklyn-based artist Rebecca Ward uses electrical tape with vinyl adhesives to create visually exciting installations. Her site-specific geometric creations work as an extension to its surrounding architecture. The tape artist redefines the space she's working in with her evenly spaced parallel and interweaving stretches of bright lines that form three-dimensional shapes. Taking her architectural pieces around the world, Ward has shown her installations from a gallery in Texas to a Kate Spade flagship store in Tokyo.

The artist seamlessly incorporates her tape art into each unique space she works in through meticulous calculations. There is always a balance of composition and color in these environments filled with varying depth. Ward's installations are aesthetically pleasing while adding to and commenting on the architectural design of the area. Many of her pieces force one to interact differently with the space and reexamine the site's design.

Rebecca Ward's website

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